Senior Pastor

Lawrence Vanley

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Pastor Lawrence W. Vanley   

He accepted Christ in 1966 at Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist (a Southern Baptist Affiliate)

Lawrence Vanley answered God’s Call on September 1, 1995 and was licensed on September 13, 1995 by pastor Scottie Stice the serving pastor of Skyline Baptist Church following this momentous event he preached at Sunrise, Skyline, McCombs Churches

On April 14, 1996 he accepted the interim Pastor position at McCombs under the recommendation Dr. Richard Ware.

Pastor’s Vanley’s family joined McCombs Baptist July 24, 1996 and in August of the same year he was ordained in a service led by Dr. Ware. His ordination led to his becoming the Bi-vocational Pastor of McCombs Baptist Church on September 18, 1996.

 Philosophy: II Timothy 4: 2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.  And never bring strange fire into the church (if it is not in the bible it cannot be in McCombs)

Our Motto: Young at heart led by the Spirit

The Journey: Though the journey has begun it will never be complete until the church, the body becomes a unit of one mind, one faith, and one baptism, through Christ Jesus our Lord.

“As Pastor my role is to demonstrate our congregation the urgency of reading, studying, and implementing the essential doctrine of the Holy Scripture. 

We begin our focus on the youth, who are especially vulnerable to the world, and allow them to see the benefits of faith in Christ

For those who are middle age, we reaffirm their worth and level their foundation of understanding as they continue to seek the Kingdom of Heaven and develop a true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The mature, the elders of knowledge, we sharpen their skill of listening, Hearing, and understanding those of a younger age without judgment.

No matter the age each member of the body of McCombs must move toward perfect love which cast out fear, doubt, anxiety, and strengthen the walk of every member as stated in scripture.”

To put it simply I am a life coach, led by He who gives life to all.


Associate Pastor

Mark Rawlins

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WOW! What a year.  Being part of McCombs Baptist church has been exciting and refreshing as we come to the end of this year.  We have seen souls saved, rededicating from God's children, positive, effective VBS program, Missions giving is up, God's Word is working in the hearts of the membership as well as the visitors.

As we look forward to the new year, I would like to challenge you to become part of the opportunities that await us as we work even harder reaping a harvest.  I would like to also challenge you as you begin finding your place (ministry) within our family.  Consider the following as a tool for self-examination.  SWOT;

Strength-- Where does your strength come from. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Weakness-- Do you know your weak spots? "Search me O Lord and try me..."

Opportunities-- Do you wait for the opportunity or do your create the opportunity? "This is the day the Lord has made..."

Threats-- Can you recognize your friends from your enemies? "It is better to trust in the Lord, then to put confidence in man."

To learn more, I/we invite you to come an visit us here at the church.  See schdule of services on the front page of this website.

Until then,


Mark A. Rawlins

Associate Pastor

Deacon Chairman

Justin Vanley

The deacon body shall serve under the leadership of the pastor

and assist him in performing duties in order to free him for the

ministry of the Word.  The pastor and associate pastor are

supported by our deacons as follows: 

  • To lead the church in achieving its mission
  • To minister to believers and unbelievers
  • To demonstrate stewardship
  • To support all ministries of the church
  • To visit the sick, the needy
  • To encourage the members weekly
  • To counsel new members
  • To serve the Lord's Table
  • To be apt to teach

Open the Prayer tab on the home page and submit a prayer request.

May God bless you and your family in all they do.

Brother Hood

Roger Lampley

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Brother Hood

Brother Hood is made up of men of the church. We meet once a month at 8:30 am on the forth Saturday of the month. We have breakfast and then we have a devotional, we try to grow in our knowledge of God and lead members to a fruitful in our life with God, in our Church, and in our community. 

Praise God in all we do.

Youth Director Justin Vanley

Justin Vanley

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Youth Director,

    Shield, S.H.I.E.L.D. on wendesday night at 7pm. Come and be part of this group.

Director Discipleship

Melvin Zollicoffer


Our purpose of our Ministry of discipleship is to help believers grow into

mature devoted disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional  and

specific training.  We have prepared resources to help turn seekers

into believers, believers into disciples, and disciples into disciple makers.

Director Sunday School

Jesse Vela


Sunday School is the start of growth of a Christian. In Sunday School we teach concepts of the bible, or read the bible for clairty of scriptures. 

Church Secretary

Sandra Kneeskern

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Director WMU

Lena Lampley

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Our purpose is to assist the church in discovering its spiritual gifts and offer

opportunities to develop those gifts with their passion as they share Christ's

love with others.  Christ command to live a missionary lifestyle, teaching children,

students and adults the importance of joining Him where He is at work in the

world.  Christ's calling on a woman's life is to experience a deepen relationship

with Him.  Using our Spiritual gifts for practical mission ideas and opportunities

to develop responsible leaders in prayer and in service tor life to Christ.

Chiidren's Worship

Tiyi Smith

Children's worship is were we teach the way of our Lord at a level the children can understand. As a parent please feel free to attend the Children's worship and see how we teach our young worshipers. 

Director Music

Patti Arambula

McCombs Music Ministry


McCombs Baptist Church is excited to offer a unique apportunity

of service with the Adult, Contemporary, and Men's Choirs.

We want to continue to grow this ministry.  We invite you to visit

a rehearsal on Wednesday evening at 6:00 P.M. in the santuary.

For more information, give us a call at 915-821-5144.

  May 2021  
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Prayer Meeting
Prayer request from our members


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